Uncommon Nasa - The Early Life of ADAM (320 kbps MP3 Download)

Uncommon Nasa - The Early Life of ADAM (320 kbps MP3 Download)


A collection of some of the most meaningful early work Uncommon Nasa (performing during this period as Adam Warlock) has put forth since embarking on a solo career. Before the album creation process began and after his group dissolved, there was this. Some of the songs collected here are one-offs, collaborations for other projects or originals for this piece - all collected here. Features production by Nasa, Willie Green, Subtitle, Megabusive, Agartha Audio, Waatu, Lyle Horowitz and more.

1 - Produced by Nasa
2 - Produced by Willie Green
3 - Produced by Agartha Audio
4 - Produced by Nasa
5 - Produced by Nasa
6 - Produced by Waatu
7 - Produced by Lyle Horowitz
8 - Produced by Agartha Audio
9 - Produced by Nasa
10 - Produced by Nasa
11 - Produced by Nasa
12 - Produced by Subtitle
13 - Produced by Computer Chip & Nasa
14 - Produced by Nasa
15 - Produced by Black-Tokyo

All tracks Mixed by Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC. Except for "Infinity Gauntlet" which was Mixed by Willie Green at The Greenhouse, "1987" which was Mixed by Dig Dug for Agartha Audio, "Bring Me the Head of Emilio Pucci" which was Mixed by Chinonesu & Lyle Horowitz @ The Kitchen Studios (BKNY) and "Love of the Game" which was Mixed by Computer Chip at Lofty Heights (San Jose, CA).

Mastered by Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.

Cover Art by Michael Gerchak for Designer of Grafiks.

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