Short Fuze & Nasa - Toxicology Music (320 kbps MP3 Digital Download)

Short Fuze & Nasa - Toxicology Music (320 kbps MP3 Digital Download)


Shortly after completing Lobotomy Music, Short Fuze & Nasa wanted to get right back to work. Originally that work was to take the form of a maxi-single to follow up their debut album, but the work flowed so freely it grew into it's own full fledged EP project - Toxicology Music. Short Fuze describes the difference between Lobotomy & Toxicology by saying that with Toxicology he wanted to round up a bunch of his friends to whoop people's asses with hardcore hip-hop. Where as Lobotomy was a lot more introspective. The one thing the two projects share is the heavy hand of Nasa's production as it continues to reclaim New York's place among the Progressive Underground. This time around on Toxicology you hear Uncommon Nasa jumping on all the new tracks along side Short Fuze.

In that group of friends Short Fuze mentioned, he assembled his long time collaborators, Taiyamo Denku and Augury from W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S. But also brought together the production talents of Willie Green, Megabusive, Lou Cypher and Dynamo (for a bonus cut on Bandcamp).

Once again Short Fuze & Nasa put together a fully realized album, while this time it is 8 tracks long and half remixes it still captures the essence of an album, all the tracks work together and create a whole image. The duo is shaping up to be that sort of rare MC/producer team that you want more and more albums from and on each album they exceed your expectations. But until that next album comes out, they have provided us with a solid chunk of music to digest between "Lobotomy Music" and "Toxicology Music". Sit back press play and enjoy the quality hip hop. Once you are done with that, press play again. 

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