Oxbow Brewing Company BoBasa

Oxbow Brewing Company BoBasa

I accidentally discovered the Oxbow Farmhouse Brewery last year when I was on a vacation through the North East with my wife.  In Portland I stopped in a specialty beer spot near Old Port and really dug the logo of their Crossfade bottle.  It reminded me of imagery we had created for the New York Telephone cover.  That 80's futurism.  In any case, a few weeks after I brought it back I drank it, loved it and figured I'd never see it again.  Then I caught a break when Beverage Island opened near my place back home and has literally almost everything I could ever want there.

They had about 5 different bottles of offerings from Oxbow, and I was pumped to see it because I had a hard time not thinking about Crossfade.  Recently I also grabbed another of there's called BoBasa.  I wanted to prove that they didn't just get lucky with Crossfade and they didn't. 

All of Oxbow's stuff is Farmhouse, Saison, Aged, Belgian....shit that I like in particular.  And BoBasa was no different.  This thing is a blend of two barrel aged beers, mixed with fresh farmhouse ale and then re-aged again.  Doing all of that and ending up at 6% ABV couldn't have been easy. 

The taste made me feel like I had snuck into a party that I didn't belong in.  It was so high end and refined, only a particular palette might appreciate it, but I'm not sure I look the part as someone that would.  It's snootiness was calmed by it's easy finish, drinkability and low ABV.  When I finished the bottle I felt I had finally been accepted by my fancy new people at Oxbow.  They are quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries in the country and I can't wait to grab some more of their stuff. 

Maine is one of the best brew states in the US, word to Brzowski.

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