Top 10 Beers from the "Midwest/Atlantic Halfway Tour"

The Wind Up Space, Baltimore MD

Contributed by Uncommon Nasa.

Just got back from the Midwest/Atlantic Halfway Tour with Carl Kavorkian this week and drank lots of great beer along the way.  Here's a quick breakdown of some of my favorites (only included first time tastings).

1. Taft's Culebra Cut Coconut Brown (Origin: Cincinnati OH, Consumed: Cincinnati OH)

Who knew?  Cincinnati, known for some of the worst food ideas on the planet (hot dogs topped with spaghetti?  Really Cincy?) had the best beer I drank on this tour, and it was local too!  A well rounded dark ale that drank like a porter.  The coconut here felt like chocolate and it only got better as it warmed up.  Taft's seems to be holding this city down.

2. Strangeways Brewing GWAR BLOOD (Origin: Richmond VA, Consumed: Richmond VA)

Another surprise location.  The enticing name (after the rock band GWAR) will get you to try it but the taste will get you to come back to it.  A great Red Ale with perfect hop balance, it's a great beer to drink at a bar as a regular, if you happen to have it in your area.

3. 5 Rabbit Cerveceria Huitzi (Origin: Bedford Park, IL, Consumed: Cincinnati, OH)

Very sweet Belgian that borders on a Sour, a pleasant surprise to have a selection of beers from this brewery on tap at the venue in Cincy.  $15 tab means this brewery got sampled at least twice.

4. Terrapin Watermelon Gose (Origin: Athens, GA, Consumed: Trenton, NJ)

So Gose it's like a fruit juice.  This was the first beer we got to sit down and drink on the entire tour and it got us started off right.  It borders on a cider feel, but it's still true enough to beer that most non-uber snobs will enjoy it.

5. Marz Chocolate Orange Gose (Origin: Chicago, IL, Consumed: Chicago, IL)

Back to back Gose, so it goes.  I wish this one screamed more Chocolate and more Orange then it did, but that being said, the combination of flavors it did create was terrific. 

6. 21st Amendment Toaster Pastry (Origin: San Francisco, CA, Consumed: Cincinnati, OH)

I got on a hot run in my two days in Cincy, the warm up bar had this on tap.  First non-historically named 21st I've ever seen, unless you consider Toaster Pastries history.  It was as the name described, warm and cinnomonny.  Enjoyable for sure.

7. Fifty West Doom Pedal (Origin: Cincinnati, OH, Consumed: Cincinnati, OH)

Actually had this at a ball game, saw my Mets beat the Reds before a crowd of mostly Mets fans in Cincy.  It was a nice Wit that had some bite to it as well.  GABP has a nice Craft Beer stand with lots of locals, hopefully the people from Cincy actually appreciate it.

8. Pale Fire Salad Days (Origin: Harrisonburg, VA, Consumed: Richmond, VA)

A nice well balanced Saison.  Was refreshing after a long show.

9. Revolution Fist City (Origin: Chicago, IL, Consumed: Chicago, IL)

A nice kick around beer, actually grabbed a sixer of this randomly at a CVS.  Very drinkable in backyards, which was the purpose it served.

10. Short's Brewing Space Rock (Origin: Bellaire, MI, Consumed: Ann Arbor, MI)

Free beers provided at a house show, I probably drank 3 of them so that has to mean something.  Plus, look at the label design!