EVENT - "Craft House 2nd Anniversary Party"

Craft House was probably created with me in mind.  When I first moved into my neighborhood this place was a lunch spot and that was fine.  At some point, from what I've heard this place went on one of those reality tv make over shows and came out a Craft Beer bar that serves BBQ & Soul Food.  It's gorgeous bar is lined with artwork from local artists, most of which are from Chris Spollen's studio.  So yeah, I was the core customer they were looking to attract, along with my wife who has adapted her distaste for beer to become a cider expert.

 Kent Falls' "I AM TABLE IPA!"

Kent Falls' "I AM TABLE IPA!"

This place is such a resource for beer and foodies in Staten Island's St. George neighborhood that I'm happy to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary and wish them many more.  It was a 4 hour event that featured and all you can eat buffet of fresh and hot BBQ and wings, and an amazingly curated selection of beer samples from across the country.  The beer flight available delivered on every single one, I rated all of them at least a 3 and half on Untappd and had never drank any of them before.  They also had selections from local Staten Island Breweries, Flagship and Killsboro.  Let's get into some drinking.....

The list included the following at the main bar:

Victory/Grimm Vis a Vis, Grimm Rubus Rebus, Kent Falls I AM A TABLE IPA, Maine Lunch, Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy, Modern Times Blazing World and Westbrook's Mexican Cake.

The most memorable to me were Kent Falls' I AM A TABLE IPA (pictured above).  What a bizarre name for a beer and a bizarre tasting beer.  It's an IPA that drinks like a Belgian White.  Super zesty and plain delicious.  The best comparison I could come up with would be Empire's White Afro.  I was digging it heavy.

 Grimm's Rubus Rebus

Grimm's Rubus Rebus

Grimm's Rubus Rebus tasted like fresh fruit.  It's color was almost full red.  I love Rosee brews, like Dieu Du Ciel's Rosee Hibiscus or Ommegang's Aphrodite.  This was on both of those beers levels.  I came away really impressed with Grimm, having enjoyed their collab with Victory, Vis a Vis as well.

Westbrook's Mexican Cake was the true wild card on the list above.  It's high in alc content, as I was feeling it shortly after just the flight cup.  It's a dark and heavy beer, which I usually don't enjoy, but it truly did have the after taste of icing on it.  I respect the craft that went into making something like this, and while I may or may not be able to enjoy a full pint of it, I know a lot of other people that will.

Flagship delivered a nice collab with Eagle Rock called "Not Your Bro, Dawg", I can't say I totally remember it standing out in retrospect, probably due to the amazing roster of beers inside, but was certainly solid.

I also got to try some Killsboro for the first time, at first I didn't even realize it was also a Staten Island operation.  They don't quite have their Brewery running yet, so I can only judge but so harshly, but I wasn't that into their Swim Trunks or Total Hoppisites.  I did really like the Coconut flavored beer they had, if they can brew more stuff along those lines they can really make a name for themselves by offering a flavor profile that Flagship hasn't previously.  I wish I'd caught the name of it, but it was so new it wasn't on Untappd yet.

Outdoor deck featured live entertainment & local boro Breweries Flagship & Killsboro.

Would have loved to have gotten respectable pics of the amazing food at this event too, but I honestly was already faded and ate it too fast to even go there.  If you're ever on Staten Island make sure Craft House is a stop, some of the best food and beer selection we have to offer.  Here's to many more years.  Congrats!