Sixpoint Low Brow Brilliant (SMaSH 2016)

Contributed by Uncommon Nasa.

On another late night coming home from work I was happy to sit down at the Staten Island Ferry's new Craft Beer Bar, The Brass Tap.  They've got an absurd amount of taps filled with obscure craft beer, monthly brewery features and even a can only take out closet located on a separate floor of the Ferry.  It's kind of like I'm being sabotaged in the best of ways.

One night I saw a new offering from Sixpoint, one of my favorite breweries in NYC.  To be honest, at times it can be hit and miss with Sixpoint, but they set the standard in NY for craft brewing with classics like Sweet Action and Bengali Tiger.  Sixpoint does tons of one offs and collabs and Low Brow Brilliant is part of the SMaSH series which features "State Malts and State Hops" from NY.  The series also features efforts from Kelso, Coney Island, Brooklyn and Transmitter.

But when I saw this on tap, I had no clue of any of that.  I was told it was a Sour Ale and was sold enough to give it a try based on Sixpoint making it.  First sip is kind of like the beer equivalent of a Sour Patch Kid.  It hits you hard and wakes you up, which is exactly what I needed after a long day of work.  Strong raspberry flavors flow through the glass as you drink it.  There isn't much of an ebb to the taste profile, it's straight electricity on as you sip and off as you complete, and that's fine by me. A beer like this doesn't need to hit you in waves or have an ever evolving flavor profile, it just needs to drink fast because it's best cold and cold it was at Brass Tap. 

I happen to have a sweet tooth for beers, I know that's not true for everyone.  This beer goes into Lambic territory it's so sweet, but it's not sugary or over the top in any way.  It's just not gonna be the hop fest some inexperienced Sixpoint drinkers might expect. 

I'm loving it, don't have much negative to say about it at all, looking forward to trying this again before all the limited kegs in the city kick.

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