Greenport Harbor Pith n' Peel Citrus IPA

Contributed by Uncommon Nasa.

There's something holding me back from embracing this beer whole heartily, but yet I keep drinking it repeatedly.  I'm not sure what it is, but there is something a little stiff about the way it drinks.  There are three factors that hit you right away, the lack of citrus taste, the hops and the carbonated feel of the body.

I've worked my way through more then half a six pack of Pith n' Peel and it's still only in the process of growing on me.  I've attempted to drink Pith n' Peel multiple times in different situations, the best result I had was with some fish, some grilled salmon to be specific.  For a "Citrus IPA", it's not that sweet, so it actually pairs down well with a sweet fish like salmon.  I've also tried it this week, with it being warmer outside, doing some work outdoors and that seems to work well as it's more of a Late Spring/Summer beer in my opinion.  The label is pretty sweet, a walrus in water with a pine apple looking head dress, can't knock that. 

When it doesn't work is sitting and drinking it and concentrating on the taste.  It's just not that deep of a beer to ponder on any level and I can't get around a "Citrus IPA" not tasting like Citrus.  At least to me, the hops over power any attempt at a fruity balance.

I think the attempt here was to create something fruity and hoppy, but it ended up being a weaker version of another beer that I do enjoy from Peak, called Fresh Cut.  Considering Fresh Cut is a Pilsner and this is an IPA, it's hard not to argue this missed it's intention.

Maybe in hotter weather it'll work even better, for now I'm still just warming up to it.

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