Bell's Brewery Neptune The Mystic

Bells Brewery's Neptune The Mystic

I was going to start out by saying it had been a while since my last official Beer Review here, but now that I look it's been a whole year!  Guess that's a sign of being busy with other things, which is good, but I do still have a passion for good beer.  So enough of that, let's get on with Neptune.

I should say from the outset, I am not typically a fan of dark beers and Neptune very much is.  That being said, this may have become my favorite of the dark beer category.  When you first drink it cold poured you may not be blown away by it, I wasn't.  It drinks, pours and tastes like a typical dark beer, but I always expect a lot from Bells, so I was patient.  This beer does what great dark beers do, it gets better the longer it sits out.

As it sits, the more the tastes evolve and the more drinkable it becomes.  It has that coffee-esque darkness to it (this from a non coffee drinker), but it grows over time.  It never really "flattens" like many beers do as they warm.  You could drink Neptune at room temperature, in fact, I'd suggest it.  At 9% ABV, you'll need to slip this slow anyway, it gives quite a buzz in just a bottle.

When it hits room you get the roastiness and the pepperiness that you really want and that is promised.  For a beer named after a very cold planet, it delivers warmth and defeats the Winter here on Earth.

3 and a Half (of 5) Drink Tickets