Bell's Brewery Winter White Ale

With artwork like a Roger Dean Winter scene, how could this go wrong?

Bell's presents the curve ball of all curve balls with a Winter WHITE Ale.  That's right, a white ale in the Winter.  To be honest, the word "Winter" had me primed for a typical darker, heavier brew, despite the fact that the word "White" appears directly after it.  In drinking it, I'm nothing but curious what made them create a White (Wheat) beer for the Winter Season, and in a way, it pulls me into what it is further. 

As I drink it indoors, it gets warmer naturally, and I start to "get it".  If you are out doors, in a place like Michigan, where this is brewed, in the Winter time it maintains it's light and fruity taste.  I suppose you could say that about any wheat beer, and you could also say that this could have a "Summer Ale" sticker stamped on it and serve the same purpose. 

All that harsh truth aside, this is a great beer.  I happen to be a big fan of Bell's work and this offering maintains that character of refined and mature sensibilities.  Judging it on a Wheat Beer alone, I'd say this has enough bite to cut down any overage of fruitiness.  It doesn't suffer from the "Blue Moon Effect", which I'd say has ruined Wheat Beer as a product for thousands of American palettes.  It works with respect for it's European cousins, but does have some stiffness to it as you drink it as it's American brothers possess.

I've always been a huge fan of this font they are using for it, as it reminds me of Prog Rock, and that's always a great thing.  Bell's artistic choices are also validated with this scenic lonely snow covered view.  All in all, it's a nice choice in the Winter time that you don't have to dump in May due to changing seasons.

3 and Half Drink Tickets (of 5).