Peak Organic Brewing Fresh Cut Pilsner

I really wanted to review this beer because of the story that goes with it for me.  I saw it in my local super market and have really enjoyed a lot of what Peak has done in the past, so I picked up a 6 pack to try it out.  "Fresh Cut" huh?  Reminded me of fresh cut grass, which sort of intrigued me because that's not exactly appetizing but would make an amazing aroma for a beer.  Not even sure if that's the imagery that's intended, but I digress....

It's a pretty beer, but pro-tip, drink it from the bottle!

When I first had one, I honestly hated it.  It's funny how taste buds can do that (you'll see what I mean later).  I didn't know what to make of it, it's tastes seemed all over the map for me.  Then I went on tour, just for the sake of argument, since I appreciate Peak, I saw it on tap somewhere on the road.  Probably Maine.  So I tried it, enjoyed it a lot more.  But that was only step 1 on my road to recovery.

Our 2nd date on the tour was back in NYC.  So we stayed at my place.  I was on the road with the tour father himself, Maine's own Brzowski.  He gravitated towards his home state brew since there were likely 5 still in my fridge.  He had a couple and I can tell he enjoyed the hell out of them.  He commented on "how he had to come to NY to enjoy some good Maine beer".  So I gave it yet another try, and now I'm hooked.

Is it the power of positive suggestion?  Is it an acquired taste that I finally figured out?  Not sure, but I finished the rest of that sixer and have re-stocked twice since.  Fresh Cut is also now third on my current "What I'm Reaching For" (Readily Available) list

I think it's pretty simple, unlike most beers I actually much prefer Fresh Cut out of the bottle as opposed to in a glass.  In a glass I feel like the aromatics really go out the window and the flavor becomes  a lot less focused.  When I drink it from the bottle I can taste a strange combination of Pilsner smoothness and hoppy flavored bitterness that is usually not put together in one bottle.  From the narrow neck of a 12 oz these things are forced together and into direct contact.  I've started to see increased hops appear in unusual places lately like Summers and Pilsners and I have to say, I like that movement.  It's a further refinement of the American style Craft IPAs that set off the beer renaissance. 

Fresh Cut really delivers on innovation and the fact that it rocks inside of a bottle makes it great for the Summer.  Fresh Cut grass?  Maybe not, but a fresh approach?  For sure.

4 Drink Tickets (of 5)