Dieu Du Ciel Rigor Mortis Abt

Dieu Du Ciel is a Brewery from Montreal that you should know about.  To translate into American Hip-Hop or Craft Brew geek terms, Dieu Du Ciel is like the "Underground Unibroue".  When I was going to beer tastings regularly, if Dieu Du Ciel was represented, their station was the rock star of the event.  Long lines defined their station, one event even featured their Brew Master complete with the full French Canadian rock star look of the Kangol (that wasn't a Kangol) and tightly trimmed goatee.  When I tried their offerings, I was star struck myself, waiting to get a few seconds with the Brew Master to shake his hand like a true fan boy.

Fast forward to current time and place me in a Beer Distributor in Prospect Park faced with several single bottles of the legendary Dieu Du Ciel to choose from, but at 5.99 per 16 oz.  Decisions, decisions!  I could obviously only get one this time around, didn't remember any of the names from tastings, so I grabbed for the Rigor Mortis, because why the hell not? 

As with all Dieu Du Ciel releases, and all Montreal micro and craft breweries for that matter, the artwork was impeccable.  A moth ridden bride (perhaps Corpse), brilliant.  This is a 10.5% ALC beast, and you can taste every bit of that value, so it's not for the squeemish.

Immediately, I was hit with the sweetness of caramel overtones, then brought back to Earth with it's strong alcohol aftertaste.  I personally don't mind this.  I love to know I'm drinking some serious liquor when I'm drinking a quality beer that I've paid 5.99 per bottle for.  It delivered it's money's worth. 

As you can see from the photo, I drank it outdoors which is the perfect setting, as I finished my glass, the sky opened through the bottom of it and all was right with the world.  It's the kind of beer you really only need one of, more would probably be dangerous.  But needing one beer of this quality is truly a beautiful thing and a sign of brewing artistry at work.  Definitely recommended.

4 Drink Tickets out of 5.