Weihenstephaner Korbinian

I could tell you how this beer has hints of caramel like everyone else probably does beer reviews, but this is about more then that.  This is about how the "World's Oldest Brewery" became a new friend and a reliable go-to.

When I started my journey as aspiring beer snob in 1999 the first beers I really dove into were Paulaner and Hoegaarden.  This was long before those companies were widely distributed in the US and were independently owned.  It was 15 years ago, but I can tell you, they both definitely taste different these days then they did back in the days at the one tap in L.E.S. where you could get them. 

When I discovered Weihenstephaner's Hefe Weiss a year or so ago, it brought me back to what I first loved about beer and brought me back to those mind blowing times in the late 90's where I finally put down the Corona and the Heineken. 

So after moving on from the Hefe to this awesomely ornate bottle of Korbinian I could only hope I'd find the same joy - I did.  It's a classically brewed piece of work, where you can get a thick savory taste and still have it delivered in what would be interpreted as a thin and easy to drink form.  That's what Belgian, and in this case Bavarian, brewing is all about. 

With this weighing in at 7.4% ALC content it will also get you nice and at a price that's really friendly.  Weihenstephaner's brews all come in mid-sized bottles at only 3.99 each.  This is a win-win on all counts.  I look forward to sampling more of their extensive beer selection which can be found here at their site.

This gets a solid 4 Drink Tickets out of 5.