Long Trail Pollenator

The bear on this label stabbed me in the back, he slipped the pillow over my face while I slept, he’s evil.  The bear on the label is a twisted individual, he rides the back of a honey bee while a Sun smiles down on him.  This bear has a plan of his own that you’ll never see coming.  The whole time the same bear is plotting the demise of your evening. 

Pollenator is the kind of beer that your wife says “try this one” as you shop together at Trader Joe’s.  So that’s how it came to be.  I said, “sure wife, what could go wrong, it has a cartoon bear on the label and touts the Spring season”.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding, maybe when I grab a beer in a bright yellow label with a smiling bear riding a honey bee bare back with the Raisin Bran sun shining down on him in a grass field I SHOULDN’T expect a sweet flavored and refreshing beer.  That makes sense.  I came into it thinking “refined Blue Moon”.  I even broke out a Hoegaarden glass to pour it in.

I was deceived, as soon as I took a sip the label on the bottle changed.  The sun disappeared and dark clouds came out, the bee turned into a cobra and the bear took a swing at me and let out an evil laugh.  They taunted me, it was fucked up. 

Those cartoon characters forced some unnecessarily bitter tasteless beer down my throat.  Drinking it was like being punched in the teeth, it was stiff on the way in, bland on the way down.  These are the kind of beers that make me question why craft breweries choose to brew them. 

Any corporate swill house could pump this out in mass, in fact, there are lots of beers from In-Bev I’d much rather drink and these days, that’s about the worst thing you could say about a craft beer in the current climate.  On the site it says Long Trail has been brewing this since 1996 and I have no idea why.  In fairness, Long Trail is a pretty good brewery, I’ve had stuff from them that I’ve enjoyed.  Pollenator was not and never will be one of those.

I think it was the deception that got me the worst, once the trust is gone, all is lost.  Maybe if this was presented differently I’d have come away differently.  At best I’d just think it was mediocre.  Check that, no, I know better.  This just isn’t a great beer.  That simple.  Spring will have more to offer.

Check it out here http://www.longtrail.com/family-of-ales/ales/pollenator.aspx