Brooklyn BAM Boozle Ale

The best thing about going to Brooklyn Brewery is they have an awesome tasting room, their events are always jumping, but not over crowded AND they have taps with stuff you can’t get anywhere else.  In addition to a kick ass gift shop, they also sell rare bottles there.  I grabbed this BAM bottle because I always wanted to try it.  I loved their “Defender” which was made specially for Comi-con, so I knew they’d bring it for their special brew in the name of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

My ignorance was on display here, even though I live in this city I confused BAM for a museum, originally I had images of beautifully white walls and gallant attendees dressed in all black looking at paintings I couldn’t understand the meaning of.  The taste sort of fit that profile, it had a lot of body on the tongue, but went down flat-lined.  This would make it easy to drink and similar to some champagne’s for a high brow crowd. 

I’ve always been obsessed with art galleries, or even high end music halls, because I’m just not of that life.  At the same time, I love and respect artists and obviously musicians, since I am one myself.  You can see that on display from the cover of my label’s 2006 compilation in the slide show.

In any case, I’m a fool, BAM is Brooklyn Academy of MUSIC!  I think my assessment still stands.  It had a Belgian bubbly feel to the top end, but at the bottom of the taste it was smooth, almost a bit watery, which a more high brow audience that isn’t quite so high brow about beer would enjoy. 

Brewing for specific surroundings or events is one of the things I love most about Brooklyn Brewery.  Unfortunately, Brooklyn Brewery probably falls into the Sam Adams category nationally for most people, but here locally, we know they are a high end brewery and one of my favorites in operation.  And most of that reasoning, comes from brews like BAM Boozle Ale.