Founders Big Luscious Imperial Raspberry Stout

Contributed by Skech185.

One day I plan to be lucky. Lucky enough to park up with some good music in my apartment and enjoy a fine brew like the civilized man I pretend to be. Soon, there will be a bottle opening ceremony with which I can share both taste and aroma with either air of the room waiting to be filled with the nice recipe of barley, hops and water or another enthusiasts. But now is not the time for that; I am on the bike and in lockstep with a wanton sense of adventure. I'll have to settle with one of the tenants I stand by; any good drink worth having always taste better in good company. 

No shit right? 

Well, my dear imbiber, last night was a particular night for any American of true worth and sound standing.  Prince has returned to the essence. Most nights this would be just a shot and a "I thought he was immortal " conversation but thanks to my dear friend Archibald at Cow & Clover it wasn't.  In honor of this loss, he broke out the Founders "Big Luscious" Imperial Raspberry Stout. Now Founders is a great brewery full of great recipes and even more incredible execution but tonight this was the only one that counted. Our reflection and mourning was met with little head yet loads of cocoa aroma. The marriage of raspberry and chocolate playfully competing for the foreground matches my thoughts on beer perfectly: save subtleties for sushi.  It poured like shoe polish and overtook your pallet immediately but fuck! wasn't it appropriate! Not the strongest but its an imperial so the booziness was ever apparent and the mix of it and great conversation created exactly what was needed.

I will leave my review at that because it was a night built for the lush I pretend not to be. There were many stories, many pints, many handshakes (some genuine, some forced out of professional courtesy) that outlined my bike ride damn near into dawn. Hopefully I was be back soon to pester y'all and Nasa with my some more of my rantings and travels.

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