EVENT - Fischman Liquors & Tavern "Almost Tapped Out"

Contributed by Collasoul Structure.

Fischman Liquors and Tavern, the beloved Craft Beer institution here in Chicago will be closing after 8 years of awesomeness and serving the ever-growing beer nerd community in this fine city of mine. To say they will be missed is a tremendous disservice. They will be mourned is more like it. Crazy enough, this is the very first time I have ever stepped foot in this place and it just so happens to be probably the last event that will be held in/at the premises. I suck, don't remind me. It should be noted that all proceeds from this event are going to the The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. Very honorable.

So, I am here at Fischman Liquors and Tavern for their "Almost Tapped Out" event which is located in the backyard of that very building.

Backyard Tasting Taps at Fischman Liquors & Tavern

The event boasts an extremely impressive list of aged highly sought after brews from the likes of Avery, Lost Abbey, Evil Twin, Founders and more. Some brews are bourbon barrel aged and some aren't but damn sure taste like it. Styles of beer range from Barleywine, to Weiss wine to stout, with Stout dominating the list. Attending this fabulous event with me are my sister Ronda and her boyfriend Dave who are both beer enthusiasts like yours truly. Picked up our tasting glasses and once again it's on!!!!

Here's what I tried:

Goose Island Big John (2012)

Goose Island Big John (2012)- Served more chilled than it should be; HUGE, Roasty, SWEET, viscous uber boozy, tasting almost bourbon barrel aged. Absolutely delicious. A true gem. This is the brother of Night Stalker which happens to be the base beer for Bourbon County Brand Stout.

Avery Pumpkin- sticky, syrupy, aggressively sweet, pretty much a pumpkin pie to the face by (RIP) Kimbo Slice. Would never try it again, Sugar bomb.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Gonzo- getting a lot of barrel from this, Bourbon bourbon bourbon. finishes a little flat.  Still tasty but definitely flat as a board. The base is always great so try that if you can find it.

Stone Smoked Guardian- Not sure if I like my smoke with my barleywine. Doesn't mesh well. Love smoked-everything but I'm not in love with this here. Have to give Stone brewing an A for effort but nah, I like old guardian but this doesn't work for me.

Founders Old Curmudgeon (2013)- simply magnificent. Nutty, Hoppy, full bodied. Honestly this is one of the best beers I've ever had. A bit of sediment at the bottom of the glass that almost resembles boogers. Awesome haha.

Evil Twin Imperial Donut Break- pretty good stout. Roasty, little nutty, solid. Unfortunately no donuts were harmed in the process of brewing this beer.

Two Brothers Weiss Wine Baretree (2013)-Apple, wheat, sugar hahaha. Tasty as fuck. Saw this on the shelve at Kimbark Liquors in Hyde Park awhile ago, now I should've made the purchase. All good.

Lost Abbey Serpent Stout- solid stout. Haven't had any of their stuff before so I didn't know what to expect. Good stout. No complaints.

Darkhorse Plead the Fifth (2014) -I am a huge fan of plead the fifth no matter what year. Plead the Fifth is in the top 5 best Imperial Stouts ever. This version was 6 thumbs up. The age might have calmed it down a tad but it's still quite roasty. Lovely.

**Had another Big John just to satisfy my thirst for it. Sooooooo good. Luuuuv this beer. Excellence. If Goose Island doesn't brew this again they all should be kidnapped and forced to do so at gun point. The views expressed by Collasoul don't reflect Uncommon Brews or the great brewery mentioned**

I recommend every single beer that I tried. Top of the line shit folks. Peace!!