New Uncommon Nasa track on PremRock's "Never Finished" Charity LP

Photo by Cheney Orr.

Uncommon Nasa has a brand new & exclusive track, Produced by Lyle Horowitz on PremRock's Charity LP, Never Finished.  The LP is raising money for refugees stranded in Calais, France.  From PremRock regarding the project:  "After traveling throughout Europe and meeting several artists committed to this great cause I was inspired to do the same and offer my spin on assisting the situation with a full length album of no-nonsense original American hip-hop. The contributors on this album are all tremendous artists and even better people. They answered the call of duty swiftly and without ego.  Liz Clegg is a humanitarian who snared my interest from the moment I discovered the existence of her efforts. A wonderful woman whose correspondence assisted greatly in the completion of this record.  I hope you enjoy and encourage you to research more about the situation in Calais and the other refugee camps throughout the continent."

Uncommon Nasa's track, Ornate, is an abstract tribute to the style & passion of his city and it's culture.  Produced by Lyle Horowitz, the beatsmith behind other tracks of his like Background Check, Pearl Street, How's Your Family? and others.  When these two link, incredible things happen and there are mumblings of a full collaboration in the future.  The track also features a break of cuts from turbtablist, Shortrock.  Uncommon Nasa shares space on this limited release LP (only available for 30 days) with Elucid, Henry Canyons, Wrecking Crew, Bald Afro and many more.  It's a high quality collection of music that the sales of which go 100% toward an amazing cause.  Get involved now, by donating as much as you can for some great music.