Mink Swimming Pools Tapes Still Available, Still Donate to ACLU & NPR

Still available at ihadanaccident.bandcamp.com

The digital version of Uncommon Nasa's Mink Swimming Pools may be gone, but the tapes are still available from I Had An Accident Records.  Those tapes are pressed as glittery silver with black print and the sleeve is black and white just like the classic series it's inspired by, The Twilight Zone!  All proceeds from the tape sales will be donated to the ACLU and NPR, just as the digital sales were.  Special thanks to The Unheard Nerd website and Nerdcore Records as well as IHAA.

Speaking of those digital sales, let's recap what we were able to do together in 2 months time.  Exclusively on the Uncommon Records Bandcamp page, Mink Swimming Pools was made available and raised 456.88USD, we can't thank you enough.  This divided into 228.44USD for each organization (pics below). 

From Nasa:

It’s always an honor to be able to get people that are into my music to rally behind something that’s important to us all. I’m blown away by seeing the number that we were able to raise together in just 2 months time for the digital only copy of my release, “Mink Swimming Pools”. When I was able to click donate to both of these organizations for 228.44 each, full well knowing I couldn’t have afforded to just do that on my own, that’s powerful! Keep pushing, because we only have a few tapes left and I want to feel that feeling again with yall. Thanks!
— Uncommon Nasa

Will be an honor to carry that card.  Find out more for yourself at aclu.org.

They asked for an extra $12 at checkout for their "Emergency News Team" and it was given.  Find out more about your local NPR station at www.npr.org.