Carl Kavorkian's Serpephant Elentine LP Mastered at Nasa Labs

Still from "PoorTense" Video

Carl Kavorkian's release, Serpephant Elentine has been making some waves since it's release (in 2 parts) in December.  The mastering session for the record took place at Nasa Labs, with Nasa at the helm.  Nasa's approach was to preserve it's clarity while adding some clean and steady bass to the bottom end.  The album has been pressed up on CD and Cassette and both are available along with the digital DL at Carl's Bandcamp.

You can check out Carl's new video for the single, PoorTense, which features some great facial expressions and general creepiness from the man himself.  Carl was also interviewed on January 16th's Dope Sh!t Podcast and featured on Uncommon Nasa's Top 10 LPs of 2016.