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Uncommon Nasa & Samurai Banana's Dope Sh!t Podcast debuted in September of 2016 and the show has grown throughout it's first season of 20 episodes.  The show presents known and unknown underground, progressive, experimental hip-hop.  Basically, all that dope shit.  You can hear the show on 4 different formats: ITUNES x MIXCLOUD x GOOGLE PLAY x STITCHER.

Season 1 has 20 episodes that feature conversations centering around topical subjects to the underground hip-hop scene as broken down by active members of it.  It also features interviews with Willie Green, Maticulous, Carl Kavorkian and Black-Tokyo, so subscribe and binge listen to the entire season if you haven't already been following along. 

The series is weekly and broken into seasons of 20 for a 5 months on/1 month off schedule of podcasting.  Monday is when to check for the show each week.