Want to Know More About "Halfway"?

Photo By Cheney Orr.

Uncommon Nasa's "Halfway" LP has been making the rounds online and he's done a few interviews that can shed some more light on the content of the project already.  In text form, there is a full interview at Bearded Gentlemen that really goes into depth on an almost song by song basis.  In audio form, there is an interview with the Blind Box Podcast, where Nasa has a looser conversation about New York City, New Balance sneakers, Halfway and Complex "Writers".  For some cutting reviews that interpret Halfway, in video form there is Myke C-Town (of Dead End Hip-Hop), The Needle Drop and Spectrum Pulse.  While in text form, you've got great break downs from Scratched Vinyl, The Unheard Nerd and Damn That NoiseIMPOSE also posted their thoughts on Halfway's release.

So now that you're all caught up, why not head over to our shop to pick up a copy of Halfway?  It can also be found on our Bandcamp, on Itunes and all other digital retailers online.