Uncommon Nasa's "New York Telephone" is OUT NOW!‏

Photo Credit: Tyler Cavallero

The wait is over, NYT has arrived!  Your choice of getting the LP with a T Shirt, with a Cassette or in a Deluxe Package with a Fridgerator Magnet are to your right.  The album is available via our bandcamp, our Online Shop, Itunes or Amazon among many other retailers.  Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop has already proclaimed "I think this is a great record, one great track after another" (Check out his full review). 

Uncommon Nasa was also named "Artist of the Day" today at Myspace!  You can check his front page interview there here.

The New York centric, but world wide, creative and historical site The Wall Breakers featured New York Telephone, check out this awesome website!

The always thorough and excellent Scratched Vinyl posted the first review for New York Telephone, calling it a "Special Album".

You now know what you must do!