Steroid Stereo featured at IAM Hip-Hop Magazine, IMPOSE, Culture Remixed Podcast & More!

We wanted to give you a media round up of our latest release, Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) from Duke01 here at the site.  In addition to the Dual debut of the Eat Your Mistakes video at Dead End Hip-Hop & The Unheard Nerd, Duke01 & Furious P have been interviewed and the record has also been reviewed.

Steroid Stereo has been reviewed on both sides of the pond, IMPOSE said that the record "feels like "Independent as Fuck" in '97, but Steroid Stereo would never have been possible were it not for the technology of the future".  Meanwhile in the UK, IAM Hip-Hop Magazine said that "Duke01 has cre­ated a great record, which will please fans of both old-skool and mod­ern day rap due to the inclu­sion of ele­ments syn­onym­ous with both styles" while having this to say about Uncommon Nasa's production: "It’s incred­ibly refresh­ing to hear beats that rely heav­ily on gui­tar riffs and horns to hold them together rather than the ‘drums-or-nothing’  approach so often taken".

Progressive Hip-Hop supporters, The Left Hand Side in addition to their own review interviewed Duke & P where they broke into the genesis of the record and the union between Nasa, Duke and P.  In audio form you can also check out the intercontinental connection made on the Culture Remixed Podcast where Duke and P called in all the way to Los Angeles live to speak with host, Julian.