Pre-Order Duke01 & Uncommon Nasa's "Steroid Stereo" NOW!

Today, we've made Pre-Orders available for the release of Duke01 & Uncommon Nasa's Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition).  Pre-orders, for the entirely Nasa produced record, include a T-Shirt package and immediate download of Eat Your Mistakes (with the instrumental).  A video is currently being shot for the single and it can be streamed in full now at the Bandcamp page or on Soundcloud.  Purchases can be made via our the Bandcamp or in our online store!

Now, a lil sumptin' about the album coming to you on May 20th.......

Nottingham, U.K. and Staten Island, N.Y. have never felt so close. Separated by the Atlantic Ocean but re-united by a common language, the two have created Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition), the latest experimental, gritty, head-nodding offering from Uncommon Records. With lyrics by Duke01 (along with his DJ, Furious P's devastating turntable work) and production by Uncommon Nasa, Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) is the epitome of what listeners have come to expect from an Uncommon Records release—raw, complex beats and insightful, incisive lyrical flows. This album will remind you of the way hip hop felt 20 years ago while sounding like hip hop will 20 years in the future.

Uncommon Records is out for the best quality in sound, production and song writing, don't let this great example of that pass you by. Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) will be available on May 20.