SXNY Tour and Mixtape!


Uncommon Records officially announces the SXNY Tour!  We've also got a mixtape with all the artists on the tour that's 15 songs deep, and starts at only a buck (or more)!  All proceeds go towards tour support, so make sure you toss some coin at the camp that's spreading Prog Hop across the Midwest and into the heart of SXSW.  Check it out below.

Can 10 people really survive a nearly cross country trip in a van together? They can when they've all been united by NYC and thrived together in its emerging Progressive Hip Hop scene. The unity of their music, message and region is what draws them again to the annual pilgrimage to Austin TX and various indie hip hop shows during the week that is SXSW.

The SXNY Tour is the vehicle that gets them to this destination. With stops across the Midwest including Chicago and Minneapolis, first time stops for many of the East Coast vets.

This tour is the joint effort of the Karma Kids in the form of Lt Headtrip, Googie, Gruff Lion, Samurai Banana and Duncecap with Uncommon Records' Uncommon Nasa (and Aeon Grey for 2 dates) and Reservoir Sound represented by head man A.M. Breakups, MC Eleven and Hype Wonder.

These three forces make one promise. To leave a stage near you bleeding, on fire or otherwise decimated as they clear a path to more stages at a corporate rock festival that they annually hijack and turn into a week long indie rap marathon.  Check out the dates on a calendar here.