Uncommon Nasa writes a feature on Jim Starlin for Impose Magazine and appears on the Audio Imposition Radio Show


This week Uncommon Nasa took over the dope music oriented website, Impose!  It began with this cool piece he wrote about one of his heavy writing influences, Jim Starlin.  Nasa geeked out touching on his reaction to reading 70's era Adam Warlock for the first time, the Infinity Gauntlet, 'Breed and the struggle to get social messages to people within works that are in the mainstream of an industry.  Then Nasa appeared on Impose's Radio show, Audio Imposition.  During that interview he talked about the state of the music business in 2014, wack rap and followed up on the Jim Starlin piece that had gone up earlier in the week.  Nasa also played unreleased and unavailable tracks from Uncommon Records including debuting both sides of the new Short Fuze & Nasa single (drops 1/21) and a new track from his own upcoming LP, New York TelephoneCheck it out here.