Uncommon Nasa's "Land of the Way It Is" dropped Tuesday, What'd I Miss?

Uncommon Nasa's LP, Land of the Way It Is drops tomorrow and he's been busy in the lead up.  Let's re-cap what you may have missed this week:

- Background Check, debuted at Impose Magazine's site on Thursday, check it out now early along with a nice little write up. 

- Dead End Hip-Hop's Myke C-Town did a solo video review on their site of the full record on Friday.  "New York spews from this man's energy, everything about his being on the mic says NYC". - Myke

- Nasa also stopped by The Unheard Nerd Podcast with Will, on Saturday, where they played even more unreleased tracks from the LP in between talking comic books and bicycle lanes.  Stream it here or subscribe on Itunes.

- Hip Hop Dependency did an "Artist Spotlight" on Uncommon Nasa featuring a long form interview.

- Uncommon Nasa has started his own Facebook fan page on Sunday morning, please head over there and make Facebook more fun for yourself by liking the page.

- Some brand new HD video footage of Uncommon Nasa performing at the Hellgate Social has emerged over the weekend.

You can order Land of the Way It Is right now, which comes with t shirt and/or lyric book options.


Uncommon Nasa