Duke01 & Furious P tear down Nasa-Produced tracks from Steroid Stereo LIVE!


Last year, Nasa & Duke01 came together to create Steroid Stereo.  An EP of high volume combining the production of New Yorker, Nasa with the vocals of UK Native, Duke01.  In a recent studio performance, Duke01 and his new dj, Furious P, tore the place down performing the entire album and then-some.  Steroid Stereo was the first fully Nasa Produced release since Lobotomy Music with Short Fuze and you can hear his style take form on the EP.  Chops and broken beat patterns are abound as Duke01 lays down tips and pointers for avoiding "cow meat" with voracity.  Check out the amazing 6 part video footage here and stay tuned for news on Duke01 and Nasa's plans for 2014.

Uncommon Nasa