Taiyamo Denku Comes to New York to perform at Yule Prog 7 and plot out LP with Uncommon Nasa

Taiyamo Denku made another pilgrimage to Yule Prog in 2013, this being his 4th attendance at the event.  We'll have some footage of his performance at the Uncommon Records youtube page over the next few weeks.  In the meantime check out this freestyle video he dropped while performing on the same trip in Philly, PA at the Marsten House. 

While in New York, he sat down with Uncommon Nasa to plot out his upcoming Nasa Produced release from Uncommon Records as well.  The project is completely mapped out and about 4-5 songs are already recorded.  Denku went back to Milwaukee with a full repertoire of beats so look for that record later in 2014.