CrayonBeats' "Land of the Way It Is" Remix Contest Winners Announced

CrayonBeats just completed an awesome remix contest for Uncommon Nasa's LP, Land of the Way It Is.  Two tracks were offered up for remixing with the accapellas distributed on their site.  The 5 member judging panel (made up of both Tiffany's from CrayonBeats, Uncommon Nasa, Aeon Grey and Elucid) chose the winner for each song.  

The winning remix for "My Ego's Big" was Agartha Audio, while the winner for "Pasta w/ Butter" was Lamebot.  You can hear both remixes here.

Both winners got the prize of the Uncommon Burners 2 Deluxe package and the Land of the Way It Is Deluxe package.  They will also be featured in the next print issue of CrayonBeats Magazine along with Uncommon Nasa and will receive a prize pack from the site as well.  Congrats!