First Look At Last Sons Orange Vinyl & Digipak CDs Available for Pre-Order and New Leaked Track from the LP

Today we get our first look at the physical artwork for the Uncommon Nasa produced LP from the Last Sons, Chekhov’s Gun. The pre-order is available in our shop in advance of it’s official release date of March 15th, 2019. As you can see below, the vinyl is orange translucent to match it’s incredible cover image by the Lab Rats (HeDreamtMars & Infected By Design). It also comes with the first in our line of Uncommon Hype Posters and a Digital Download Card. The CD version comes in the form of a digipak, which contains a bonus photo of the Last Sons, Uncommon Nasa and the Lab Rats from the tour they did across the United Kingdom. Both the Vinyl and CD feature Uncommon Records’ brand new geometrically designed labels, a new standard for all Uncommon Records releases going forward. Visit the Shop today to pick up your copy, during pre-order ONLY you can also choose a bundle that includes a limited edition “Uncommon Kingdom” T-Shirt.

You can hear a second leaked track from the LP, it’s the title track to Chekhov’s Gun. Stream it at our shop, on bandcamp, on soundcloud or on youtube.