Introducing the "Uncommon Mystery Box" and "Loyalist Coasters"


The single purchase Uncommon Mystery Box is a $30 package that will deliver a $50 value of randomly hand selected Uncommon Records & Uncommon Nasa merch. Each purchase is guaranteed at least 3 items (one t shirt, one CD or Cassette and one more extra piece of merch, which could either be a second T shirt, a vinyl record or any combination of items that brings the value up to $50. Merchandise included in Mystery Boxes will be from the entire history of Uncommon Records, releases and products from anywhere in our 15 year history. When ordering you can leave us a note letting us know what merch you may already have so that we don’t double you up on anything.


We’re also introducing another new merch item in our new Uncommon Records Loyalist Coasters. Celebrating Uncommon Records’ 15th Anniversary, our new coasters salute the Uncommon Records Loyalists! The geometric design that’s now on all of our vinyl and cd labels fits nicely on these cardboard stock coasters. A set of 4 for $5.

The first 3 Uncommon Mystery Box orders will get a free set of Loyalist Coasters added to the box, in addition to the 3 items regularly included.