Dope Sh!t Podcast and the Dad Bod Rap Pod Trade Episodes

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.00.36 PM.png

This week Uncommon Nasa and Samurai Banana’s Dope Sh!t Podcast participated in a crossover of sorts with the Dad Bod Rap Pod. The Dad Bod Rap Pod is hosted by DemOne, Nate LeBlanc and David Ma.

On Monday the Dope Sh!t Podcast released a collaborative episode with all 5 voices discussing the sustainability of “underground hip-hop” as a genre. On Thursday the Dad Bod Rap Pod released an episode with all 5 again talking over technology’s effects on rap music at large.

This is a good moment to get caught up on both shows if you haven’t previously, enjoy the talks on those long commutes. Both shows can be found on Apple Podcasts and everywhere else podcasts can be found.