New Video for Uncommon Nasa & Guilty Simpson's "Compass" Released

Directed by Lonervision.

Man Bites Dog Records presents the last planned video for Uncommon Nasa's critically acclaimed, Written At Night LP. Compass features Guilty Simpson and he and Nasa bring you behind the scenes of touring life, not as it's imagined but as it is. An adult quick guide to touring for grown men, Compass weaves through the peaks and valleys of the money, loneliness and confusion of being on the road. The video is directed by Spencer Garland of Lonervision, a listener to the album, he reached out to be a part of it's artistic vision with his eerie, minimal approach that was previously seen in his Ashes work for Saul Williams. This video is presented with no explanation, no answers and no theories, just haunts.

Turntables by Shortrock.

Director/Producer: Spencer Garland

Character Designer/Cinematographer:Michael Richardson

Prop Fabrication: Evan Larrick

Talent: David James Kyle Kellogg

Jesse Williams-Mactagone Steve Garland Derek Stein