Karniege & Uncommon Nasa Digipack CDs Shipping Now!

Available in our  Shop .

Available in our Shop.

Thanks to everyone that pre-ordered the CD, we shipped them as soon as they arrived from our manufacturer. From the Left (10th Anniversary Remaster) from Karniege and Uncommon Nasa is now shipping immediately upon order. The CD includes a stand out orange packaging celebrating it’s 10th year of existence, we even through in a nod to our old logo on the back and a return of our CD label on the disc!

The album features bonus material like an original demo version of Drug Habitz, an unreleased freestyle over Nasa production from that time period and the Definitive Jux 12” single of which’s B-side features Aesop Rock, EL-P (of Run the Jewels) and Access Immortal. This along with all of the albums Instrumentals! The record also featured multiple contributions from Shortrock and verses from Marq Spekt, Metro (of S.A. Smash) and Nathaniel Roberts!

Get your copy today, it’s a limited pressing and this is going to be our one and only run of CDs for it.