In Depth Piece about Uncommon Nasa's "Withering" Posted at MCR Live


A new in depth piece has been written over at MCR Live, contributed by Jack McKeever, he paints a full picture of what the reader will have in front of them with a copy of Uncommon Nasa’s “Withering”. Here’s an excerpt:

“The moment where the collection undoubtedly makes the crossover into the sphere of poetry is in ‘Destiny’. Originally a track from Nasa’s 2014 acclaimed New York Telephone record, here, it’s the only example of Nasa veering from the structurally conventional template, presenting words and lines as short sharp shocks to the system and utilising grammatically destructive see-sawing. It’s one of the collection’s few examples of real spirituality, seeing Nasa write of how life is dictated to us via noise and outside influence beyond our control; the idea that things are predetermined and that paths are mapped out for us. The form of the poem reflects that ambiguity, but he quite literally brings the piece back down to Earth by capitalising the ‘NY’ at the end of ‘destiny’; an assertion that New York is where he belongs, no matter where life takes him”.

Uncommon Nasa’s debut book, which is a collection of poetry (several taken from lyrics) and short stories is available from RYME Press.