Nasa Labs

Nasa Labs is a recording, production, mixing and mastering studio based in the convenient and burgeoning neighborhood of Saint George in Staten Island, New York.  Located just footsteps from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, it's a convenient location for your next project that requires a careful hand and a trained ear.  Nasa also works remotely with artists from around the world, offering near unlimited revisions via file transfer until the project is just right in the eyes of the client. 



Recording Engineer Nasa, has built up a reputation as the "go-to" mixing ear for underground and progressive hip-hop projects. Nasa has done nothing but lend his ear to records since 1999, leading to hundreds upon hundreds of credits and an extensive discography.  While known by some for his work with hip-hop, his techniques have been successfully applied to rock, jazz and several other genres plentifully over the years as well.  Feel free to take a look at his full discography and add yourself to the list for your next project.

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