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Yule Prog is an annual event celebrating Progressive Hip-Hop in New York City.  It was started by Uncommon Records and has grown to include Backwoodz Studioz and Reservoir Sound.  Starting with a simple December date for a show, that bill quickly grew to include Beans from Anti-Pop Consortium.  That first event was a huge success and soon it grew into an annual event that many New York hip-hop heads mark on their calendars yearly.  The bills are always stacked with at least 10 acts and they take on a festival feel, that said, every artist on these events is always chosen and curated so that from act 1 to act X there is a reason that person(s) is on stage. 

Over the years the event has hosted KA, Homeboy Sandman, Meyhem Lauren, Open Mike Eagle, Brown Bag All-Stars

and almost every artist associated with Uncommon, Backwoodz and RSW.  In 2013 we'll be heading into the 7th Annual Yule Prog.  If interested in sponsorship opportunities please write to info -at- uncommonmusic.net.  Enjoy some videos of previous events below.