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Whenever you order any music from Uncommon Records you will get a grip of "Orange Army" stickers in the form of our logo.  Over the years we've put about 8,000 of these stickers into existence on this Planet and counting.  Why not put them to good use and rep your city? 

Simply send us a pic of 1 of the stickers (or more) posted in PUBLIC in your local area to get represented here on our site!  Turn your city into an Uncommon City!

Even without an order, we'll be happy to send you a pack of stickers for FREE (shipping too), anywhere in the world.  You can send as many or as few pics as you like, we'll post the best ones here and the rest at our Facebook page

Just email your address and then send the pics back to getstickers -at- uncommonnasa.com


Click on the pics to see the Orange Army represented around the world.