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2014 Orange Army Soldier Club

Orange Army Soldier Club Membership (2014 Subscription) - $125.00 (Includes all shipping!)

The 2014 Orange Army Subscription is finally here!  For a flat fee of $125 (Includes Shipping Cost!) you get everything Uncommon Records releases physically this year!  The package starts immediately with the following items:

- Exclusive 2014 Orange Army Soldier Club ONLY, 10th Anniversary Uncommon Records T Shirt

- Orange Army Hoodie

- Uncommon America T Shirt

- Ma Bell's Uncommon Nasa T Shirt

- THE BLUE TAPE from Uncommon Nasa

- New York Telephone Fridgerator Magnet

- Uncommon Nasa (SI Ferry Colorway T Shirt), with Digital LP

- Uncommon Nasa Land of the Way It Is Lyric Book

- Pair of Uncommon Records Slipmats

- Uncommon Burners 2 (CD & Poster)

That's just what you get NOW, you also get everything else we release at Uncommon Records sent to you ALL YEAR LONG, no questions asked, no further shipping charges!  This includes exclusives that only Soldier Club members get!  Plus, in 2015, you have the option to renew for a severe discount!

Get it ALL, today!