The man at the helm for Uncommon Records is Uncommon Nasa.  Owner, producer, artist and chief spokesman for the flagship label of progressive hip hop

After founding Uncommon Records in 2004, Nasa took a unique approach to producing and promoting the music on his label. Always on the cutting-edge of technology and eager to think outside the box, Nasa’s vision by 2006 was the driving force behind progressive moves such as releasing music almost exclusively in a digital format, long before it was commonplace across the industry.  Over the years he’s utilized emerging technology to promote and discuss Uncommon’s music and artists. He was an early adopter of Twitter and other forms of social media, often speaking out for artists’ rights and against piracy at a time when it wasn't a popular thing to do.  Nasa developed cutting-edge approaches to promoting music, including pioneering the “pop-up album" (in 2010), forming the Orange Army worldwide street team (in 2011) and the production of an annual holiday event in NYC, Yule Prog (starting in 2007 and heading into it's 9th year).  Uncommon Records in 2014 began putting releases out on cassette and vinyl formats, a nod to the more tangiable and accessable traditions of the culture. 

Nasa also coined the phrase “Progressive Hip-Hop” to describe the vivid and envelope-pushing sound and style that he witnessed emerge from the indie scene in New York City and beyond. He is a pioneer for the sub-genre in every sense of the word.  Uncommon Records has released work from talented folks from all across America and across the pond.

Nasa’s not done by any stretch of the imagination—his foot pressed firmly on the gas pedal, Uncommon's direction is now geared towards his production of full-length projects and albums of his own unique lyricism.  

The Uncommon Records goal has been and will always remain the same - to put out the best quality in sound, production and song writing.

Written by Juilan Peeples with Uncommon Nasa.